Atlantic Rotary Storage Unit

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Rotary Storage

The revolutionary Atlantic Rotary Unit was shaped out of full understanding of the future needs of the business world.

The Atlantic Rotary Unit with its unique high security doors and maximum storage capacity within a condensed area, completes any office requirement.

The contents of 5 four drawer Filing Cabinets can be accommodated in one Rotary Cabinet - saving up to 40% of valuable floor area.

Rotary Cabinets feature double sided shelving bays which rotate on a central axis to access either picking face. This allows the operator access to over 10.5 linear metres of filing without moving, enabling a high filing pick rate. When not in use the cabinet can be locked in the closed position or if required in the open position allowing access to only one of the picking faces.

Rotary Cabinets are 2160h x 1145w x 792d (mm).

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