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Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving systems (commonly known as roller racking within the storage industry) deliver high density and compact storage. They are a cost effective method of utilising valuable floor space.

Effective storage systems are designed to provide efficient storage and retrieval. All our mobile shelving systems give excellent accessibility, whilst maximising the use of floor space for storage. Mobile shelving is extremely effective in saving space, by eliminating the need for several access aisles. Because the shelving moves along floor tracks, the space for only one aisle is needed. When an item is required the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created by moving the mobile shelving units apart. Mobile shelving is opened and closed by pull handles; hand operated mechanical system or electric motors with push-button control. Roll-a-side shelving is useful in small offices or awkwardly shaped areas, such as corridors or alcoves. Shelving is mounted on low-profile mobile bases and tracks and are simply rolled aside to reach the units behind.

By using one our systems available you can either double the capacity of filing/storage or create more floor space for other uses.

Choose from light duty modular systems for the office through to bespoke options for archives, retail stockrooms, museums and medical records facilities.

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