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Stick Skid Base Chair by ICF

With its clean essential lines, the Stick Chair Skid Base presents the perfect combination of features of the modern multi-purpose chair, where practicality and functionality merge together to form a winning look.

Suitable for use as visitors’ chairs, or in meeting rooms, conference halls, libraries, multi-purpose spaces and waiting areas, it was designed to be moved easily and was fitted out very simply and quickly with accessories like armrests, writing desks or connection links to align rows of chairs.

A wide range of colours and finishes are available: black, beige, white or dark grey painted finish, in fabric or mesh. It is ideal for fitting out large spaces, also from an aesthetic standpoint - transparency in its shape ensure harmony and lightness even when a large number of units are used all together. A special optional accessory turns a group of chairs into a single multi-purpose seat for maximum functionality.

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