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Essential, linear style. A professional image associated with a convincing look. Relay: the new chair by ICF is a harmonious, ergonomic solution that’s perfect for conference and seminar rooms.

The soft impact of the frame combined with the elegant upholstery bring to mind the research of grand masters of design. The chair seat is almost suspended and the careful selection of materials creates a distinctive, functional atmosphere, with a refined and modern look.

The slide base is in high resistance chrome tubular sections. The side frame is in die-cast aluminium, in chrome or painted finish, and armrests are in plastic.

Upholstery can be in elastic mesh, leather and fabric in a wide range of colours.

Structure - Side elements fixed to transverse elements in die-cast aluminium. The frame this way obtained is a rigid structure able to maintain its shape even under conditions of considerable stress, which serves at the same time as a specific support for the elastic mesh and the fabric or leather upholstery. Three different finishes: polished, chromed, painted.

Padding - The leather or fabric is pressed onto a central layer of high-resistance technical material and two layers of flexible polyurethane. The upholstery thus obtained is a bearing and flexible structure, fit to perfectly distribute the weight of the body.

The bearing and flexible structure of the nylon mesh (monochrome – 75% vinyl resin, 25% polyester) or of the elastic mesh (two-toned effect – 70% monofilament polyester elastomer, 30% polyester), ensures full breathing and thorough air circulation.

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