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The Platform desk system creates an open-plan and flexible workplace for several operators. It is a single unit that incorporates a surprisingly large number of workstations.

As a system it never ceases to change and evolve, and is suitable for use in the following types of workplace: Hot Desk, Call Centre, Team Office.

By its nature Platform encourages communication and mutual interaction between its users. It can also be divided up at will using screens to create closed and private workstations for a given number of employees. These dividing screens can readily be removed or moved as required.

The Micro-architecture of this work space is formed by a range of accessories, such as the mentioned screens, TECHO office accessories, monitor arms, mobile CPU holders etc. The Platform desk also has an ingenious cable management system for both power and data connection (for connection of PCs, laptops, telephones etc).

All these supplementary elements provide the opportunity for the creation of a modern workplace that is organised to accommodate the large number of requirements currently placed on such work environments.

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